About Us


Our Hours of Operation are: FRIDAY 6 PM to 11 PM, SATURDAY 10AM-10PM and SUNDAY 10AM-10PM. Our Storefront is located at 700 West Spring Creek Parkway Suite 210, Plano TX 75023 (Right Above Subway Sandwiches) (469) 814-0938

So now let’s talk about the good stuff!! We operate 3 x 65″ 4K VTT Table Tops. Our Business Models is as follows: You can attend one of our 5 hour gaming sessions for $30 for the entire 5 hour period. Character sheets, Die Rolling Boxes, Pencils and Clip Boards (in some cases, you are also given a Lanyard with the Photo ID of the Player you are Playing) are provided for use including borrowing our pre-painted miniature figures to represent your character from a collection of nearly 500 Modern Day Table Top Figures for a variety of games. This 5 hour Session is hosted by one of our House GMs who run the game. We run the following game systems by default, but others will be constantly added and dependent on the House GMs.  Here is a short list.  If you go to LEARN ABOUT OUR GAMES on the navigation tab, it will give you a more complete list:

Tuff Guys (SWADE)- Play as a British Mobster in the 1990s trying to build up a new criminal element in the London. This game puts you into a storyline that is like a Guy Ritchie movie.

Blade Runner RPG- Newly added game system that we are running to bring you into the near future of a Los Angeles that is a lot darker than we know of today. Step into the world of the classic Movie that this system is based off of.

Black Powder Red Earth- Tactical Modern Game Table Top Wargame utilizing our 65" VTTs with us running OPFOR and Fog of War. Allows all players to split up Cold Harbor units and operate as a team against the GM in up to a 3 Tier Complexity mission

Twilight 2000 4th Edition -A World War III Game based in the Year 2000 around a Fictional West and East Global War

Ghost Ops 2nd Strike -Players work for a Private Military Contractor (PMC) that is sent around the globe to handle Corporate Interests in ways that Companies are not able to get Governments to assist in

Top Secret New World Order (Espionage Role Playing Game about making your own James Bond)

Cyberpunk RED: If you don't sport chrome, you are nothing! Come create your own Edge Runner to survive life in Night City where the lines between white and black are always blurred.

Everyday Heroes (Primarily we are running Smuggles Blues which is a Classic Miami Vice themed RPG. So bring out your deck shoes, T-Shirts and Linen Suits)

SWADE – Deadlands, Tropicana and Wiseguys (These are a Western RPG, P.I. Game on a Corrupt Caribbean Island and a Modern Las Vegas Mobster Game)

Aliens RPG (Free League Gaming Edition) -This is a Bug Hunt…just like the iconic movie

Delta Green -This is an X-Files type game of the players working for a Federal Agency investigating Paranormal Activities

Vampire The Masquerade (Current Edition)- Play a Character from one of the Vampire Clans and rise in the ranks Hunter the Reckoning (Current Edition)- Play a Vampire Hunter and end the scourge plaguing the world. Edgar and Alan Frog would be proud.

Blade Runner RPG (Free League Gaming Edition)- Hunt down deadly Synths living among us

NOTE: You will notice the two most Popular RPG games are not listed as games we run (Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder). You can go to option two and rent the table and run your Campaign as you like. We may have Guest GMs/DMs who may run these systems from time to time, but not a focus of gaming we provide. You can rent a table and run your own game for $100 for a five hour period. We provide the laptop, software (our systems have the latest VTT Software and Maps from Companies like Foundry VTT, Dynamic Dungeons, Chronos Builder, RPG Stories and many others including a lot of custom made maps), 65" 4K Table Top, Large External Monitors, Sound Board controls through Stream Decks and many other features. For people who want to run their own fantasy campaign, the tables have everything you need to run your Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder Game. These tables also have advanced features like: Multiple Monitors, Touch Screen Wacom Pen Tablet Systems for precision control and Physical Stream Deck Units to have push button control of sound effects for your session. We encourage those who want to rent our tables to schedule some free time ahead of your start time for us to teach the use of all the tech at your fingertips. This learning session is free and will NOT count towards your 5 hour of game time.

Please note, use of our systems are provided based on a stringent DLP (Data Loss Protection) lockdown policy in our stores. We license a lot of software that we have agreements in place to protect the proprietary data from ever leaving the systems. The systems for Rent have a strict policy of not removing any data off of the systems. If you are caught doing this activity and/or trigger an escalated warning for doing so by the system itself, you will be removed from the store, money will not be refunded and banned from returning. Removing of the data in any way (External Thumb Drives/Hard Drives, Emailing Data, Moving Data to Cloud Storage, FTP/TFTP, Data off systems, etc.) is strictly banned. We are more than happy to assist with copying files from your storage to the system during the course of a session if you have brought content you want to use during the game. Please note, this data will be removed and deleted daily, so if you need access to it after the session is over, we are more than happy to assist with moving that data of yours back to the media of your choosing you have brought. Feel free to always ask one of us for assistance on anything you need while you are renting the table. Thank you and feel free to ask us any questions.