Learn About Our Games

We provide this here to let you learn more about the games we run.

Fallout RPG 

Play as a Vault Dweller from Vault 136 in West Texas as you explore the deadly Wasteland of the surface.


World of Killers (Outgunned)

Enter the world of the High Council in this gritty game of playing as a professional killer.  You too can be the Baba Yaga



The Spy Game

Play in our Cold War Espionage Game set in 1984 and do your best to save the world.



Achtung Cthulhu


Play as Allied Soldiers fighting against the German Occult Program during World War 2. You are all that stands between Hitler bringing the evil from beyond against the world.

Delta Green


If you like TV Shows like the X-files, Men in Black, etc. and want to step in the shoes of a Secret Organization in the FBI that investigates the weird phenomenon that the FBI kicks up to this organization. Come down and make your own character to fight against what goes bump in the night. 

Twilight 2000 4th Edition


The classic RPG from the 80s is back with a vengeance. Under a new license from Free League Gaming enter the world of World War 3 in Twilight 2000. We operate multiple campaign settings using this game system, so make sure when booking you read the Campaign Setting to know what to expect.  We are running a Iraq 2004 Campaign and a Metro Exodus/Stalker Inspired Campaign currently

Deadlands Savage Worlds Adventure Edition


I wanna be a Cowboy..... Play as a variety of Characters in this Savage Worlds Edition game set in the Weird West. Survive the Lawless lands on your horse were encountering Outlaws might not be the worst things you run across

Tuff Guys -Savage Worlds Adventure Edition


Play as a Modern Day London Mobster, working your ways up the criminal underground, taking what is yours along the way. Work with other players to build up a criminal empire and try to get a piece of the action.

Blade Runner


Welcome to Los Angeles in the near future. A world where Synthetic Humans and AI can blend in so well, being able to tell them apart from Humans is become nearly impossible. Step foot into the world of Blade Runner and join up with us on our Campaign.

Aliens RPG


Suit up Marine. We are going on a Bug Hunt! Play Aliens RPG (by Free League Gaming) and get into the role of a Colonial Marine.....Anytime, Anywhere

Cyberpunk RED


Hello Chooms! Join us in playing Cyberpunk RED at MyMiniWar. Our game has the players starting up their own little Private Investigation Firm in Night City. The players will take jobs from surveillance, corporate espionage, VIP Protection Work and various Investigative work to meet the needs of their mysterious clients. We also sell the entire line of books and also from Monster Fight Club licensed 28mm minis at the store. So come down, build an Edgerunner and jump into one of our sessions!



Create your own GI Joe and help save the world from the evil forces of Cobra. Create your own vision of the ultimate Joe through a massive option of character creation options. If you grew up collecting the comics, 3.75" action figures or watching the Cartoons, this game system is for you. ..and now you know...and knowing is half the battle 

Ghost Ops


Play as Private Military Contractors (PMCs) working for Talon Corporation and flying around the world in a today setting to carry out special operations doing work that the hiring country or company needing the work done...and needs someone else to do the questionable work.

Everyday Heroes


Everyone remembers the classic Miami Vice TV Show? Well put on your best linen suit and deck shoes and step into the role of one of the Characters of this 80s themed RPG Campaign and clean up Miami Dade of the criminal element (and look good doing it) 

Top Secret New World Order


Top Secret New World Order is an Espionage Game where you become your favorite Secret Agent Spy out to save the world. This game is not all about combat and tends to be extremely deadly. Think and talk your way out of situations tends to be the better option. The world wants you to operate in the shadows and not pop up on the 10 o'clock news. 

Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition


Play in our Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Campaign here at our store. Our Campaign has the players working for Vampire Elders as an Investigation Squad in our Modern Campaign Setting